Traditional vs Contemporary Marketing Channels

What I have decided is that there is no point doing something unless you can do it well.

For me Facebook, twitter tumblr etc are a nightmare – I don’t use them with ease and they cause me a headache therefore Im unlikely to do them well and give my audience a positive experience.

Blogging I am getting my head around slowly and above anything can see it as a really useful online journal. A place to collect and share information.

With my business The Farm Studio, it is a traditional old fashioned craft business and for us the best form of marketing was door to door as the clients wanted to see the products first hand. I can see how this could cross over to a blog as they would then be invited to become apart of the story behind the designs.

For my new business Concept 56 I can also see this as a relevant point. Its just not viable to travel the country or world on no budget with a family so blogging would be the next best thing. It still provides the opportunity for a personal relationship with other people.

As I develop my business and products further i think it will become more clear as to what avenues I will need to take but I can see blend of both being appropriate. Im all for the traditional methods of brochures, business cards etc and will have to wait and see which social media best finds my end product.

One thing I know is that friends, family and colleagues(usually friends anyway) are the best and biggest supporters and with that comes word of mouth.


( Stolen off the internet!)